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Unlike other modes of diving, which rely either on breath-hold or on breathing gas pumped from the surface, scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air,allowing them greater freedom of movement than with an air line or diver’s umbilical and longer underwater endurance than breath-hold.¬†Scuba equipment may be open circuit.

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The place, the beach, the service, the team, the instructors (Ali) and the equipment was wonderful. it was great to meet and dive with you guys. will join soon for the certification and the over seas trips.

Yahya Al Hashemi
Yahya Al HashemiCEO

I must say WOW! Being an experienced diver, I did not expect such a wonderful tour coming! I loved it. Thanks a lot. Me and my friends had a lot of fun, learned some new techniques and saw amazing places and now I am licensed diver. Great job!

Pouria Ayarian
Pouria AyarianManager

Summer is a joyful season, the one that is absolutely perfect for traveling, falling in love and of course for diving! Book the best tour and find the perfect diving spot with the help of professional instructors! Thanks you guys for this amazing experience.

Zeeshan BaberMarketing Manager

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Jafar Joya

We have a very high candidate success rate as well as a reputation for producing well trained Dive masters. The program is a mixture of...
Jafar Joya

Ali Askari

You also have the opportunity to further your education by completing the Emergency First Response Instructor Course or other specialities.
Ali       Askari

Safdar Joya

Students of all ages and all nationalities will enter your classroom looking forward to learning the skills and knowledge you are about to provide...
Safdar Joya


Becoming a dive instructor enriches your life. You are guaranteed personal satisfaction as you help other people achieve their goals and...