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Got a question? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for your reference. If you don't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us!

Are swimming skills required for scuba diving?
Swimming skills are not required for "Try Scuba Diving", as all you need to do is move your legs while being accompanied by one of our DiveMasters / Instructors. However, if you are to entrol for a course, you are required to have basic swimming skills.
Are there corals in Jumeirah to see while diving?
Due to the geographical features of our sea and beaches here, there are rarely any corals because they're not in an environment that allows them to grow. However, there are many types of fishes to see and feed while diving.
What we can see underwater?
There are different kinds of sea creatures to see underwater in our diving site: Angel Fish🐠 Goby Fish🐟 Pistol Shrimp🦐 Shells and Hermit Crabs🦀🐚 Sea Urchins🦔 Sea horses🐴 (if you are lucky) Turtles (if you are lucky)
In the 400 AED promotion, are pick-up and drop-off included?
Pick-up and drop-off are not included in the promotion package, but you can choose Luxury (500 AED) or VIP package (600 AED) which includes pick-up and drop-off.
Are there food or drinks included in the promotion?
Free juices and water (unlimited) are included, as well as coffee, popcorn, and slush as complimentary from our side.
Is it possible to try scuba diving in Fujairah ?
Yes, Try Scuba Diving Package for Fujairah is 700 AED. If you do have diving license, you can proceed to book for “Fujairah Dive Trip” once your license is presented.
Can I dive early morning?
Our sessions start at 9 AM following with classroom training for Try Scuba Divers. However, Certified Diver's Trip starts at 8 AM.
What is the minimum Age to try Scuba Diving?
The minimum age is 10 years old.
When do I pay?
You may pay once you book, otherwise you may pay at our diving center.
Is it risky to scuba dive?
There is only a 0.001 chance of an incident, however, our PADI Instructors and Emergency First Responders will take care of any situation with the proper use of rescue kits (first aid kit, oxygen kit, etc).
After completing a course, is it possible to find a job within the scuba diving industry?
In order to get a job as a scuba diver, you would need, at a minimum, a Level 1 Open Water Diver license. To increase the chances of finding a job, it is recommended to achieve Level 4 DiveMaster.
Do I need to fill in a medical form before I dive?
You need to fill in the medical and liability form before you dive due to safety and legal reasons.
How long does the diving last? Why is it only 45 minutes?
As you dive deeper, due to water pressure, you consume more oxygen. For an average of 8 meters (26 feet) deep, you can only use 55 minutes of oxygen. Therefore, due to precausions and for your safety, we dive for a maximum amount of 45 minutes.
When is it possible to dive at night?
Only certified divers of Level 2 Advanced Open Water are qualified to dive at night. Otherwise it is not allowed or recommneded for anyone to dive at night.
Is it possible to dive with contact lenses, or glasses?
Underwater everything looks 33% visually larger than outside of the water. Using soft contact lenses are fine. Hard contact lenses are not recommended. It is impossible to use normal glasses while diving. We will provide you pre-made powered masks upon your requests, free of charge.
Is it possible to dive alone?
You will need to be qualified to scuba dive alone by completing a minimum of 100 dives, then proceeding with the TDI Solo Diver course. It is designed to teach you self-sufficiency and correct gear setups. It is a great course and you will learn a lot about risk-management in your diving. Otherwise, it is prohibited to dive alone due to safety risks.
What scuba gear will I use?
Scuba gear depends on your certification. Beginners get gear, while certified divers need their equipment and a Level 1 Open Water Diver license. To dive alone, complete 100 dives and the 'PADI Self-Reliant Diver' course.
What other services do you offer?
Underwater proposals, birthday surprises and anniversary celebrations are done as a complimentary based on prior requests.
What do I need to bring with me?
You are only required to bring your normal swimming clothes, otherwise you can purchase something at our store (such as shorts, ponchos, etc). Make sure to bring an extra set of clothes for after your dive.
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