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Participants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following Terms & Conditions of Bermuda Diving Center LLC ( shall be known as “The Company” in the TERMS & CONDITIONS:


Prices are subjected to revision without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances like currency fluctuations.


The Company reserves the right to cancel any dive for any reason whatsoever. Should this happen, the customer can reschedule without any further obligations or liability on the part of the Company.


Discover peace of mind with our Lost & Found service at the Dive Center. We store your forgotten belongings for up to 30 days, allowing you to reclaim them. Act quickly to ensure retrieval within the given timeframe. Dive confidently, knowing we're here to help recover your cherished possessions.


The Company reserves the right to alter any route, itinerary without prior notice to you if it shall in its reasonable discretion think fit and necessary or in the case of force majeure.

The Company also has the right to decline acceptance of any diver if it appears that that diver is likely to endanger the health of safety, impair the comfort and enjoyment of others.


Any complaints / claims have to be made in writing to the Company. This agreement is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates.


For Fun Divers, your Certification Card (C-Card) or Dive Log form part of our verification for your diving skills. The C-Card and date of last dive needs to be provided to the Company before the dive.


Rental of equipment is provided to customers upon reservation. The Company is not responsible for equipment malfunctions whilst on the dive, injuries to hirers or damage to equipment. It is the sole responsibility of the diver to acknowledge that the equipment are in good order prior to the dive. The diver will also assume the responsibility to reimburse the Company for any equipment lost &/or damaged whilst under the care of the diver.


All exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets issued by the Company are subject to applicable tariffs, terms and conditions under which the accommodation, transportation and other services whatsoever are provided by the hotels, transport companies, airlines, railroad lines, steamship lines, owners or contractors concerned. By acceptance of such exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets, the tour participant is deemed to have agreed to the applicable tariffs, terms, and conditions.

Every person participating in any tour/holiday organized by the Company does so at his own risk with respect to loss or damage to property or injury to person except where such loss, damage or injury was caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Company, its employees or agents. The tour participant accepts full responsibility for damages, losses, and expenses due to delay, sickness, weather, strikes, quarantine, or acts of God. No tour leaders/guides or other employees or agents of the Company are authorized to commit the Company to any liability whatsoever and the Company will not be bound by any statement or representation unless in writing and signed by a management executive of the Company. The Company will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, cost, expense or inconvenience caused by the suppliers or appointed agents. In no case shall the Company or their employees or agents be liable for any causes outside their reasonable control or from any act or omission of the suppliers or appointed agents.

Updated On: June 20, 2023

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